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Frequently Asked Questions

Vosmos Events is a DIY virtual event platform that enables you to host immersive and engaging virtual events. With the immersive 3D environment, interactive features, and marketing and collaboration tools, you can create impactful events, delivering unparalleled virtual event experiences.

It’s quite easy. Simply put, you just have to sign up for Vosmos Events, and you will receive an activation link. The link will direct you to the website, where you have to enter your credentials to get started.

With Vosmos Events, you can leverage a wide array of features such as gamification, live streaming, interactive sessions, networking opportunities, a photo booth, exhibitor space, smart virtual assistant- VIRSA, multiple language support, accessibility for the differently abled, and photo-realistic 3D environments. These features ensure immersive and engaging experiences for both organizers and attendees

You can host a plethora of virtual events, such as virtual conferences, trade shows, training sessions, product launches, networking sessions, and more. The platform offers immense flexibility, tailored to meet your requirements.

Yes, you can host both small-scale and large-scale events. Whether you’re hosting a small virtual workshop with 50 attendees or a large conference with 50,000, the platform is highly adaptable and designed to cater to all sizes of events.

Yes, you can monetize your virtual events effortlessly through ticket sales and sponsorships.

Vosmos Events offer interactive features such as breakout rooms, Q&A sessions, live chats, polls, and networking lounges. These interactive features enable real-time engagement with attendees, resulting in enhanced interaction.

With our AI-enabled smart virtual assistant- VIRSA, you can ask queries, seek assistance, and receive real-time support.

Absolutely. You can host recurring events or sessions seamlessly. With Vosmos Events, you can easily schedule sessions and create a stunning virtual event in just a few minutes

Vosmos Events believes extensively in data security. The robust security measures enable attendees’ data protection.

Yes, Vosmos Events is designed keeping user-friendliness in mind. Our no-code platform enables organizers and attendees to seamlessly navigate the platform without any hassle. The highly intuitive interface allows organizers to effortlessly create virtual events in just a few minutes.

Absolutely, you can sell both of them with ease.

No, Vosmos Events does not impose a limit on the number of events. You can host infinite virtual events based on your requirements.

Yes, you can reschedule your event scheduled on a future date. An event scheduled on the same date can’t be rescheduled. For cancellation, you have to reach out to our support team

Vosmos Events offer four different packages: Free World, Efficient, Super Efficient, and Super Customized.

Vosmos Events offers different packages to suit your event requirements. The free world package comes with no cost. The efficient package is priced at USD 199 per month. The super-efficient and The super-customized package depends on the level of customization required.

The free world package comes with accessibility to 3D platforms, unlimited events, a 2-hour event duration, 100 maximum registrations, and 100 maximum attendees at one time.

Upgrading to a paid package comes with diverse options as you can level up the number of attendees, event duration, maximum registration number, and maximum number of attendees at one time, giving you immense flexibility for hosting virtual events.

Absolutely. You can upgrade to a paid package whenever you require access to additional features, increase the event duration, or increase the number of attendees. You can upgrade the plan from the subscription plan tab in your account.

Definitely, you can switch between different plans based on your requirements.