Simplify Virtual Events,
Amplify Results
Simplify Virtual Events,
Amplify Results
Simplify Virtual Events,
Amplify Results

Expand your reach globally and tap into new markets. Maximize lead generation and expedite your business growth.

05 - 10 November, 2021
New York, United States

Welcome To The World Of Virtual Events​

We offer an end-to-end virtual events solution, streamlining event management process for both organizers and attendees. With dedicated project management support, immersive 3D capabilities, and 100% customization, achieve seamless event execution and maximize your attendee engagement.


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Connect Beyond Borders with Our
Virtual Events Solutions​

Global Reach

Connect with attendees worldwide with life-like virtual experiences.

Audience Engagement

Tailor your event experience to each attendee’s preference. Engage at a personalized level in every phase of the event.

Data-driven Insights

Dive deep into attendee behaviour and preferences with real-time data and refine your event strategy. ​

Leads Generation

Capture valuable leads and nurture prospects. Convert engagement into tangible business opportunities.

Unlimited Scalability

Accommodate growing audience sizes and evolving event needs. Ensure smooth and uninterrupted experiences for participants, regardless of scale.

Turn Your Virtual Event Attendees into Participants​

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  • Marketing campaign & PR
  • Website and app designing
  • Video production & editing
  • User experience designing
  • Content development
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Turn Your Virtual Event Attendees
into Participants​

Turn Your Virtual Event Attendees
into Participants​

Choose from an array of themes and templates to wow your attendees. Customize the virtual events at every level to suit your business goal.
Breakout rooms
Create separate discussion areas in your virtual event for more focused interactions.
Engaging breaks will keep your attendees glued to their screens. Gamify your virtual event and stand out.
Use AI to connect, recommend and engage your attendees. They can ask Virsa anything about the event and she will know.
Multiple Language Support
Break language barriers with multiple language support to ensure inclusivity and effective communication.
Inbuilt Studio
Prep and Test Setups in our Built-in Studio before going live.
Networking Opportunities
Use network lounges, speed networking sessions, chat features, and virtual business card exchanges to optimize networking opportunities at your virtual event.
Engagement Options
Boost attendees participation with polls, Q&A sessions, exhibitor booths and live chat support.
Live Streaming
Stream your virtual event in real time and engage a larger group of attendees.

Host Virtual Events of All Types From Anywhere

VIRSA- Your AI Powered Event Buddy

VIRSA is not just your average virtual assistant, she's your strategic event analyst.
  1. She tailors suggestions for sessions and networking based on attendee profiles
  2. Her AI-power provides real-time insights into attendee engagement.
  3. She facilitates meaningful connections, enhancing business opportunities.

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Need Help Hosting a Virtual Event?

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